Module Components



·      Geometries defined by GML

·      Support:

         Text data: WKT (Well Known Text)

         Binary data: WKB (Well Known Binary) (encoded by Base64)

·      Extensions to GML geometry:

         Customized Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN).

         Customized Polyhedron: tetrahedron, cube, conerpointgrid.

         Grid bounded by a coordinate transformation matrix (4 rows * 4 columns).

Ÿ  Be easier to represent an irregular shape based on a regular grid.

         Attribute model




Style (visualizing parameters)

·      Defines geological models visualization parameter.

·      Based on OGC SE (Symbology Encoding) specification;

·      Referenced SLD (Styled Layer Descriptor), CityGML, X3D, SE-3D





·      Based on ISO/TS 19139: Geographic MetaData XML (GMD) encoding.