Introduction to Geo3DML


1. Background

2. Design Principles

3. Famework of Geo3DML

4. Schema and xml-based examples

5. Supported tools (software & sdk)

6. Exchanging Examples

7. Modules


1 Background

Geo3DML (3D Geological Model Markup Language) is a standards-based data format that provides a framework for exchanging and sharing geological models (geomodel).

3D geological modeling (geomodeling) methods have been widely applied in geological fields in recent years. Geological surveys from different countries have put forward 3D geological modeling and mapping programs, which aim toward building a 3D geological framework that provides a basic platform for full 3D cognition of the subsurface . There are numerous geomodeling methods and softwares to generate and manage geomodels. Consequently, the data interoperability of geomodels has become increasingly problematic. Under the funding support from China Geological Survey (CGS) in 2010-2016, Geo3DML is developed and now becomes a standard in CGS. 



2 Design Principles

Geo3DML is based on Geography Markup Language (GML 3.2.1) by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and other international standards.

·        Clarity & Simple

·        Practical

·        Reuse existing standards

·        Modeling tool independent




3 Famework of Geo3DML


·        Geomodels act as a set of geoobjects, define their own semantics and geometric properties, and take care of topological relationships and self-consistency. Moreover, a geomodel appears in resultant geodata, such as boreholes, sections/maps, and 3D models. A geomodel can be composed of a structural model using surface-based boundary representation methods, and an associated attribute model using a grid/voxel-based model to describe the material properties of geoobjects.

·        GeoMaps are used to define how to visualizing Geomodels, including layers and visualization parameters.

·          A GeologicFearure represents a specific geoobject, which is well defined by GeoSciML. However, considering the complexity of GeoSciML, Geo3DML also provides another way to define a GeologicFearure (Similar to GeoSciML-Portrayal).



4 Schema and xml-based examples

·      XML schema

·      UML class diagrams

·      Examples            

5 Supported tools (software & sdk)

·       Geo3DML Viewer    (Checkg Geo3DML-based xml file and visualize geomodels)

·       Geo3DML SDK (c++/C#  source code)    (Read/Write Geo3DML-based xml file )

·       PDF3D convertor    (Convert Geo3DML-based xml file  to PDF3D )

·       GoCad file convertor (Exchange Geo3DML-based xml file  with  GoCad geomodel file in  ASCII  format  )


6 Exchanging Examples

Geomodeling software

(Write Geo3DML-based xml file)

Geo3DML Viewer

(Check Geo3DML-based xml file)

Another Geomodeling software

(Read Geo3DML-based xml file)

1. Bedrock geological model

说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: C:\Users\Wayne\Desktop\geo3dml\北京模型\QuantyView效果.JPG

2. Hydrogeologic mod

说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: C:\Users\Wayne\Desktop\geo3dml\模型自转效果 - 第3次截图\福州水文地质模型\转换效果图4\福州QuantyView显示效果.jpg

说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: C:\Users\Wayne\Desktop\geo3dml\模型自转效果 - 第3次截图\福州水文地质模型\转换效果图4\福州Geo3DML转换效果.jpg

说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: C:\Users\Wayne\Desktop\geo3dml\tujian\福州水文地质模型\福州水文.png

3. Attribute model



说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: C:\Users\Wayne\Desktop\geo3dml\提交模型截图_中国地质大学(武汉)(花老师)\提交模型截图\块段\块段模型_MapGIS显示.png

说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: C:\Users\Wayne\Desktop\geo3dml\提交模型截图_中国地质大学(武汉)(花老师)\提交模型截图\块段\块段模型_Viewer显示.png

说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: C:\Users\Wayne\Desktop\geo3dml\测绘院-截图\互转\地大(花老师)\块段模型\块段模型在G3DA中4.bmp


Geomodel examples of different types



Delivery examples

·     PDF3D

说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: C:\Users\lenovo\Documents\Tencent Files\779617246\FileRecv\北京.png     说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: 说明: C:\Users\lenovo\Documents\Tencent Files\779617246\FileRecv\角点1.png

·     Web service experiment based on WebGL